Nitrous Oxide

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At 3D Dentistry in Bradenton, FL, we understand that dental visits can be anxiety-inducing for some patients. To ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience, Dr. Bustos offers nitrous oxide sedation – a safe, effective way to relax during your dental procedures.

It is estimated that between 9 and 15% of American adults avoid going to the dentist because of fear. Studies show that fear of the dentist is more often due to society’s misplaced belief that dental treatments are all painful more so than an actual painful experience. Dentists use nitrous oxide to help patients have a relaxed and pain-free dental visit.

Why Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” is used because it:

  • Reduces Anxiety: Alleviates dental fears and nerves.
  • Increases Comfort: Helps patients relax during treatment.
  • Quick Recovery: Effects wear off soon after the mask is removed.
  • Safe for All Ages: Suitable for both adults and children.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide, often referred to as laughing gas, is used by dentists to help patients relax during treatment. It is a safe sedative that is combined with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask during treatment. This mild sedative will not put a patient to sleep. Patients are able to hear and respond to questions. They may experience some sensations of lightheadedness or tingling in the arms and legs. Once treatment is complete and the mask has removed the effects of nitrous oxide fade quickly as fresh air is breathed into the lungs.

It is used on patients for two reasons. First, when patients are undergoing a procedure that may take a long time or an uncomfortable treatment, nitrous oxide can help them to relax and be comfortable throughout treatment. It can also be helpful for patients who suffer from dental anxiety or for children or those with special needs who may not understand the importance of dental care or be able to sit still during treatment. Dentists have extensive training in the use of nitrous oxide and other sedation techniques to ensure that all patients receive the appropriate dosage to keep them calm and relaxed throughout treatment.

Woman receiving Nitrous Oxide at the dentist

Dentists are dedicated to providing the best possible patient care. They understand that the needs of each person are unique and they take the time to listen to them and address their concerns with an approach tailored to their needs.

Treatment Process


  • Assessment: Dr. Bustos evaluates your health history and level of dental anxiety.

Administration of Nitrous Oxide

  • Breathing Mask: Placed over your nose.
  • Inhalation: You breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen.
  • Relaxation: You quickly begin to feel calm and comfortable.

During the Dental Procedure

  • Monitoring: Your response to the gas is continuously observed.
  • Adjustment: The level of sedation can be easily adjusted.


  • Recovery: Effects diminish rapidly once the gas is turned off.
  • Post-Procedure Care: Instructions provided for aftercare, if needed.


To minimize dental anxiety and the need for sedation:

  • Practice relaxation techniques.
  • Maintain regular dental visits to reduce fears.
  • Communicate openly with Dr. Bustos about your concerns.


Patients who use nitrous oxide sedation often experience:

  • A more positive and less stressful dental visit.
  • The ability to undergo necessary treatments without fear.
  • Quick return to normal activities post-treatment.


Is nitrous oxide sedation safe?

Yes, it’s a safe and commonly used method of sedation in dentistry, with minimal side effects.

Will I be unconscious during the treatment?

No, you will remain awake and responsive, but relaxed.

How long do the effects of nitrous oxide last?

The effects wear off almost immediately after the gas is turned off.

Experience Stress-Free Dental Care

If dental anxiety has been keeping you from getting the care you need, contact 3D Dentistry at 941-253-2300 to learn more about nitrous oxide sedation with Dr. Bustos. Let us help you achieve a comfortable and fear-free dental experience.


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