Hybrid Dentures

If you’re unhappy with your current smile, hybrid dentures may be your solution. While not as permanent or expensive, they’re considered sturdy, supportive dentures that sit on top of the teeth and gums using screws and implants. Also known as fixed-detachable dentures, they’re a natural-looking solution to help you gain a stable prosthetic replacement for your teeth.

Our Treatment Process For Hybrid Dentures

Under the care of Dr. Victor Bustos, he and his team can provide hybrid dentures through the following steps:

  • Denture Consultation: During your first few visits with Dr. Bustos, he will provide a detailed exam and consultation on your oral health to see if hybrid dentures fit you.
  • Denture Molding and Fitting: If you’re a candidate for hybrid dentures, he will create a digitalized mold of your mouth and send off your case file to fabricate your new dentures and implant posts.
  • Implant Placement: The screws and implant posts will be surgically placed at your next appointment.
  • Denture Attachment: Once your implant posts have healed and integrated into your jawline, Dr. Bustos can provide and fit your new hybrid dentures!

When receiving hybrid dentures from 3D Dentistry, you can be sure you receive the best quality dental care. Dr. Bustos stays current with the latest techniques and continuously works for the best satisfaction when helping his patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Hybrid Dentures Work?

A dentist speaking with a patient about Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid dentures combine the benefits of both fixed dentures and removable dentures. They’re considered an excellent option when there’s a considerable amount of bone loss throughout your jaw and you don’t want any teeth removed. They are attached to your jaw using four or more dental implants, depending on your jawbone’s size and shape. After the implants heal, they are connected to abutments that are then screwed into the metal framework.

How Are They Different From Traditional Dentures?

Because they are fixed, they do not require removal like regular dentures but can be unscrewed in cases of denture damage or poor fit.

Are Hybrid Dentures Right For Me?

They are considered an excellent solution for anyone wanting fixed teeth, currently wearing removable dentures, and people who are not ready for individual implants for each tooth.

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Dentures?

They are a minimally intrusive prosthetic that creates a natural feel without the risk of instability. While removable dentures can often feel bulky and uncomfortable, hybrid dentures work to provide a stable foundation for your mouth without the dedication required from implants.

Is it Difficult To Care For Hybrid Dentures?

Not at all! In fact, it is easy to brush your new dentures and care for your gums! They can be cleaned just like natural teeth, and as long as you schedule an appointment with your dentist, your teeth can stay clean and fresh.

Visit 3D Dentistry For a Hybrid Denture Consultation!

Because everyone’s dental needs are different, it is essential to discuss your options with a qualified dentist who knows what type of dentures are right for you. At 3D Dentistry, our team can provide you with dentures and other dental restorations and give you a back a lovely smile! Call us at (941) 253-2300 today to schedule an appointment!


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