There’s been significant growth in the dental industry over the last century, with innovations changing the face of dentistry every year. Some of the biggest drivers of the dental industry are increases in periodontal disease and other dental diseases that require specialized care. These issues have led to increased research resolving these concerns and developing the necessary tools. As a result, some exciting developments are coming to the dental industry in 2023.

Significant Developments For Dental Care In 2023

One of the more significant innovations in recent years was the introduction of dental lasers to the industry. These devices overturned the prominence of pneumatic drills, which had been the mainstay of dentistry for decades before. Below we’ll detail some of the newer additions to the industry and existing technologies that are seeing further advancement.

These four technologies are just a few of those we can expect to see play a larger role in dentistry in 2023. Advances in dental radiology, digital impressions, and the introduction of natural dental products are also on the rise. 

Ask Your Dentist About Changes Coming To Their Clinic

Reach out to your dentist to learn more about the treatments and procedures they’ll be introducing in the coming year. You may discover that big changes in your dental care are on the way in the form of new technologies and treatment options that were previously unavailable. While you’re in touch with your dental office, be sure to schedule your bi-annual visits for the coming year. Consistent visits to your dentist and consistent dental hygiene remain the most important parts of good oral health.