The advent of digital dentistry has been making fundamental changes to the way oral health care is delivered. Advances in imaging technology have made cosmetic treatments more available, more comfortable, and more effective than ever before. One area in which they’ve made notable changes is cosmetic dentistry. There has always been a bit of guesswork involved in the planning stages of these procedures. Dentist’s used various tools to describe the potential outcome and what the patient wanted, but they were always lacking. Digital technology has arrived to change all that.

Know What To Expect With Digital Imaging

Modern imaging techniques allow the dentist to demonstrate what the patient can expect from a cosmetic procedure. Further, they can discuss the potential outcome with them and make changes to ensure that the patient gets the desired results. Once the imaging process is completed, these images can be easily transmitted to other specialists. This allows a multidisciplinary approach to cosmetic dentistry that guarantees results the patient will be happy with.

These mock-ups can be used to show the results from restorative treatments, orthodontic treatments, and even dental whitening procedures. They help the dentist with the planning process as they determine which treatments are needed and the order in which they should occur. Many forms of cosmetic dentistry have been cost-prohibitive due to not being covered by dental insurance. Investing in this helps you feel confident in the results before you begin. 

Dental imaging makes it possible to:

These factors combine to present a superior outcome for patients and dentists. Previously it wasn’t as easy to present a patient with multiple choices while clearly showing their differences. Further, they work as a clear guide for your dentist in planning. They’ll be able to reference these images repeatedly while developing your treatment plan. Every point along the way, you’ll be able to check in and reassess the treatment plan based on your desired outcome.

Reach Out To A Dental Provider For Guidance

If you’re considering taking the next step in improving your smile’s aesthetic appeal, consult with your dentist. They’ll have you in for a consultation and determine what oral health concerns need to be addressed first. Cosmetic treatments often address multiple concerns at once. Orthodontic care can improve your smile’s appearance while correcting misaligned bites and easing the strain on the jaw. Crowns and veneers can address deep staining, misshapen teeth, and minor damage or decay. While doing so, they restore your smile’s full form and function. Learn more about how advanced imaging is moving the area of cosmetic dentistry forward every year. Schedule your appointment with your dental provider today and start improving your smile!