There’s no sound so closely associated with feelings of dental anxiety as that of a rotary drill. This high-pitched whine has wormed its way into the nightmares of more dental anxiety sufferers than any others. Even those without dental anxiety tend to find the shrill voice of the drill to be unsettling or uncomfortable. Even most dentists find the whine of the drill irritating if familiar. Advances in dental technology have provided an alternative that eliminates the high-pitched sound of the drill. Laser dentistry is an innovation in dental care that’s as silent as it is painless.

The Growing Mark of Laser Drills On Dentistry

When you find out that you’re going to need the kind of dental care that calls for a drill, it’s understandable to be nervous. Those who suffer from dental anxiety, on the other hand, can be reduced to paralyzed fear or uncontrollable sobbing by this news. There are as many degrees of dental anxiety as there are individuals who suffer from it. For some, it’s minor, involving a little nervousness or only appearing at the time of care. Others experience more severe symptoms, with the mere mention of the dentist filling them with a distinct level of unease. One thing tends to tie these different degrees together, and that’s a fear of the dental drill.

Laser dentistry has been helping to change this symptom of dental anxiety. Laser dental drills don’t have a high-pitched whine. On the contrary, they emit a soft pulsing sound that many patients report as being soothing or comforting. It also vaporizes the dental material it’s used to remove rather than grinding it away. This means that it’s nearly silent, and there’s little tactile experience on the part of the patient. Other benefits of dental laser drills include:

Every year sees, laser dentistry is being used in more treatments than ever before. This includes a growth in the use of laser dentistry in current treatments and the introduction of new treatments. The precision nature of the laser dental drill is proving to be a critical part of advancing dentistry and improving results. The ability to eliminate decay and remove damaged tissue without impacting healthy tissue is key to its range of use. It’s even been used to improve the results obtained as part of a dental whitening procedure.

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