It’s a common assumption that cosmetic dental work is just for women, but within the last few years, more men have been getting dental work at the office, and it’s not just for whitening sessions either. Crowns, veneers, are all procedures that many men have been getting lately, and the truth is that cosmetic dental treatments aren’t just for women but are for everyone. Cosmetic dentistry gets a bad reputation for faulty treatment that’s only appearance-deep, but in truth, cosmetic dental treatments are meant to be a fully comprehensive experience that works for all genders, caring for your health and your smile.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry Has Been Popular For Men

Cosmetic dentistry is composed of two parts; your health and your appearance. Many dental problems often arise from poor oral care, and normally when we’re faced with problems like toothaches, we’re often ready to go visit the dentist to treat them. However, many of the dental problems people face today are often the result of long-term problems such as uncontrollable tooth decay and gum disease that weren’t previously treated, making it difficult to manage. One of the problems faced today within the dental industry is insurance coverage, as many dental procedures for those in low-income communities are often too expensive, leaving many people who need dental treatment to be without it, leading to worsened dental health overall.

This problem is also especially true for men – while the image of dental work is often attached to women, untreated dental problems often pervade more men than women, and with the onset of this problem, seeking out dental treatment isn’t just about aesthetics, but also tackles the ongoing dental health problems people face today. But one of the biggest questions is why cosmetic dentists, and why not general dentists or family dentists?

Why Men Want More Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is a unique specialty because it combines your health and your desired aesthetics. You can easily go to your primary dentist to get a replacement crown, but the look of the crown in comparison to your smile may not appear aesthetically pleasing. Cosmetic dentists are able to provide a full consultation on the look of your smile and will often consider your jaw position, facial structure, and your desired goals to correct dental problems and make your smile beautiful. For men, combining these two aspects means that they’ll get a lot more benefits, including:

For more information about cosmetic dental treatments for men, contacting your local dentist is the best way to improve your smile and find out more about which cosmetic dental treatments will work for you.