Throughout history a mouth that is, or appears, unhealthy had a social stigma attached suggesting that the person themselves were wholly unhealthy. While the association has seemingly always existed, recent research suggests that there is a strong connection between our oral health and our whole body. As more information comes in it becomes apparent that taking care of our oral health is critical to living a full and healthy life. This includes both proper oral hygiene practices, preventative care, and paying attention to changes happening in the mouth.

The Conditions Inside Our Mouths

Indicators include oral health concerns resulting from diabetes, Sjögren’s syndrome, and AIDS, but it doesn’t end there. Our mouths are also home to an endless parade of bacteria, including those associated with periodontal disease and tooth decay. Poor oral health can create ways for these bacteria to enter the bloodstream and reach other areas of the body. One study links these bacteria with causing conditions like bacterial pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, and has even be connected with incidents of stroke.

How Does Our Overall Health Contributes To Oral Health Concerns?

While studies are still underway, the evidence currently available demonstrates a number of compelling links. Inflammation caused by periodontitis has been connected with higher incidents of cardiovascular concerns. Existing conditions like diabetes have been shown to be connected with higher incidents of periodontal disease, suggesting that they are more likely to develop this condition, and for it to be more severe. When considering the connection of periodontitis to cardiovascular disease it’s clear that diabetes poses a double threat, making good oral health care even more critical. While the studies have shown a clear correlation between these concerns, further research is needed to confirm that they are directly linked.

What Can I Do?

The best way to preserve your health is to maintain good oral hygiene practices, twice annual appointments with Dr. Victor Bustos, and staying on top of any existing health concerns you may have. Brushing twice a day, combined with flossing and mouthwash, is a great way to help ensure that you keep down oral health concerns. If you start experiencing concerns including swollen gums, or gums that bleed following brushing and flossing, it’s time to give 3D Dentistry a call. We’ll help you address concerns like halitosis (bad breath), tartar and plaque build-up, cavities, abscesses, and much more. Patients who take an active role in their dental health care are more likely to experience a life without serious oral concerns.

If you want to take steps to stay on top of your oral and whole body health, make a call to 3D Dentistry today. We’ll schedule you an appointment with our team of dental experts, lead by Dr. Victor Bustos. During your visit you’ll receive a full dental exam followed by a consultation discussing your steps for preventative care and addressing existing oral health concerns. During the exam you’ll be checked for signs that can indicate health concerns including diabetes, oral cancer, and more. Call today and take control of your oral and whole body health!