If you’ve ever gazed in the mirror and seen a smile that has a lot of gum showing, or teeth that seemed just a little too short, you may be experiencing excessive gingival display. This term is medical speak for mouths that have a large amount of gum showing above the top teeth. This condition makes many patients feel self-conscious about showing their smile or laughing too much. Thankfully there are treatment methods available for handling excessive gingival display thanks to dental experts like those at 3D Dentistry.

What Defines Too Much Gum in Your Smile?

There is no clear medical definition for this condition. Instead, what makes an excessive gingival display is determined by a patient’s perception of their appearance. Studies of social perspectives have revealed that teeth with more than 3mm of gum showing are considered to be gummy, while those with less than 2mm are considered optimal. Research has also revealed that this condition occurs more frequently in women than in men. Of all patients experiencing excessive gingival display, approximately 7% are men, and 14% are women.

Why Do Some People Have Gummy Smiles?

Multiple causes of gummy smiles have been discovered, and we’ve put together a list of the most common. These include:

Positioning and proportion are vital parts of the aesthetic of your smile, and each of these conditions affects a part of your body that has an effect on that. The majority of causes of a gummy smile stem from genetic causes, making them impossible to prevent. You can only treat them to reduce their occurrence.

How To Treat Gummy Smiles

There are multiple options for treating a gummy smile. The most non-invasive are veneers and crowns, a solution that’s appropriate for some cases of excessive gingival display. In cases where too much gum is the root cause, a gingivectomy can be performed by a periodontist. Orthodontic treatments are often used in cases where the jaw is protruding a moderate to severe degree. In cases where the upper lip is the culprit, Botox has been showing promising results.

Dr. Victor Bustos helps patients at his office in Bradenton to address their cosmetic and medical dental concerns. If you’re thinking of taking steps to improve your smile and want the help of an experienced professional, call for an appointment with 3D Dentistry today! Don’t let a gummy smile hold you back! We’ll be glad to invite you into our dental family of patients and set you on the path to a future with a beautiful smile you’ll be proud to share!