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Root canal treatment Bradenton fl

Our teeth give us beautiful smiles, but once a tooth becomes infected, that infection can spread to the core of the tooth and kill it off completely. No matter the complication, our team at 3D Dentistry can help treat your teeth through a root canal, an endodontic treatment that helps remove infections and save patient’s teeth. Our team in Bradenton, FL, is here to help when your teeth become infected, and with this procedure, we can provide comfort and relief while protecting patients’ teeth from reoccurring infections.

Why Are Root Canals Necessary?

Our teeth are composed of many layers, and each layer serves an essential function for our dental health. The enamel, the hardest outer layer of the tooth, protects the internal layers of the teeth and acts as the defensive layer against bacteria. The softer, porous dentin layer can be found underneath this layer, acting as the cushion for the internal layers. Within the dentin, the pulp acts as the heart of our teeth, containing blood vessels and nerves that sense pain and infection to the root canals that reach throughout our jawline. These layers have vital roles in protecting our teeth, but when bacteria reach beyond the layers and into the pulp, it can have drastic consequences.

Root canal treatments help remove infections from the pulp by removing the main section of the pulp, cleaning out the root canal, filled with a dental material, and sealing it with a dental sealant to prevent the chances of reinfection. The root canals, the tiny channels within the tooth that help hold the blood vessels, nerves, and pulp tissue throughout the tooth, have to be cleaned in these circumstances to prevent reinfection.

How 3D Dentistry Performs Root Canal Treatments

At 3D Dentistry, we focus on providing a comfortable experience for our patients and work with the latest techniques to remove the risks of reinfection and provide our patients with clean, pain-free teeth. Overall, our process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few visits. Our root canal treatments work through these steps:

  • Dental Exam: Our team will perform a dental exam to observe the tooth’s condition, using digital impressions, x-rays, and other examination methods to diagnose your tooth pain and treat it.
  • Local Anesthesia: If a root canal is necessary, our dental team, during your next appointment, will use anesthesia to numb the area of any discomfort or pain and then surround the tooth with a dental dam to prevent debris and moisture from affecting the area.
  • The Operation: After opening up the tooth by removing the tooth’s crown, the tooth’s interior is cleaned of any infected pulp present.
  • Filling: Once the pulp is cleaned and removed, the tooth is filled with gutta-percha, a material somewhat like rubber.
  • Temporary Filling/Cap: After filling the tooth’s interior, the tooth is sealed with a temporary cover to prevent reinfection. It will be extracted and replaced with a permanent filling/cap at your next follow-up appointment.

Our root canal treatments provide pain relief and help preserve your natural tooth to keep your mouth healthy and clean. If you’re curious about learning more, call us and schedule an appointment with our team at 3D Dentistry in Bradenton, FL, today!


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