3D Dentistry is committed to providing the community the best dental care possible in a private practice setting.  That also includes making sure our patients are well-educated and informed. We treat our patients like family and are confident we will exceed your expectations. We are currently setting up our blogs – please check again soon!

Dentist inspecting patients mouth

Connection Between Oral And Overall Health

Throughout history a mouth that is, or appears, unhealthy had a social stigma attached suggesting that the person themselves were wholly unhealthy. While the association

5 Things That Cause Cavities

5 Things That Can Cause Cavities

Tooth decay is not only one of the most common dental problems, but according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, it is

A woman being treated by a dentist

Do You Need A Root Canal?

Finding out that you need a root canal can be a sobering experience telling you that your dental hygiene routine hasn’t been enough to keep

Gummy Smile

If you’ve ever gazed in the mirror and seen a smile that has a lot of gum showing, or teeth that seemed just a little

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