Our genetics can have a profound impact on many aspects of our health. Among the areas, it can affect is our dental health. Studies have revealed that a family history of oral health concerns can impact how our teeth develop. The size, shape, and alignment of our teeth, along with a tendency to bone-related issues, can all be influenced by genetics. More surprisingly, even our enamel’s ability to resist bacteria and acid is affected.

How Family History Impacts Our Oral Health

If you’ve ever wondered why a family medical history is important to your dental care, the answer is genetics. You may have realized that members of the same family have shared oral health concerns. You may have even heard that a condition “runs in the family.” These statements are more than just rhetorical. Common oral health concerns that run in families are:

One aspect of your oral health that remains firmly in your control is your oral hygiene. Special steps may be needed due to congenital (inherited) aspects of your oral health. Regardless, brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash can help limit complications. It pays to learn how to properly perform oral hygiene on teeth that are misaligned or overcrowded to ensure you eliminate bacteria. It helps to understand the full scope of your oral health history. You can start by learning if your family has a tendency towards:

These three issues are known to be influenced by congenital factors. By knowing about your family’s tendency towards these concerns, your dentist will be able to better plan your care.

Family History For Oral health

Sharing facts about your family history of dental health concerns with your children is an important part of helping them prepare for the future. Be certain to gather this information and share it with your family.