Over these past few years, there’s been an observable trend towards people investing in mail-order orthodontics like braces and aligner kits. Numerous pressures drive this change, including cost, convenience, and avoiding the COVID virus. Social media often demonstrates the effectiveness of these kits, but the truth about the risks often gets buried. While they can be successful for many patients, they aren’t a cure-all. If you’re considering investing in mail-order orthodontics, you must keep reading. We’re going to reveal the risks associated with this increasingly popular form of orthodontic treatment.

Mail-Order Orthodontics: Key To Affordable Perfect Smiles?

You may not find it all that surprising to learn that moving your teeth into alignment is a rather complicated affair. During the process, not only are your teeth being adjusted into their final position, but your bone structure is being altered as well. Being able to do this without causing lasting complications requires significant skill. Even taking a dental mold requires comprehensive knowledge of the process. Failing to have this knowledge can result in an incorrect mold, which mail-in orthodontics base your treatment on.

The benefits of working closely with your dentist in person are many. The first is direct interaction with your care provider and the personal interest that provides. They have a persistent interest in your lasting oral health. This means that achieving a perfect smile can be done reliably, safely, and without danger to your oral health. Working with a third-party mail-in orthodontic provider won’t provide this degree of safety or consistency for the following reasons:

There’s one vital thing to keep in mind when reading good reviews. While they may be completely honest, they are also promoted out of proportion with the bad reviews. There are countless reviews of those who tried mail-in orthodontics and had negative experiences. Ineffective treatments, teeth that look worse afterward, and other complications aren’t uncommon with mail-in orthodontics.

The Savings May Be Temporary If Things Go Wrong

It can be very frustrating when your adjustment didn’t go how you hoped with mail-in orthodontics. Worse than merely not turning out how you hoped, you may need additional treatments. This means that your initial savings have now become a greater expense. Speak to your orthodontist if you’re considering using mail-in orthodontics. They can serve as a good guide and ensure you’re getting the treatment you need, often by providing it themselves.